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Our Features

Discover what you can do with Weagle

Power Search

We enhance your search performance thanks to our A.I and our adaptive filter system.

Data Wallet

Weagle offers an innovative system of data protection and an earning system for the user, take back the control of your data by delete or archive you navigation generated data.

Earn with us

Fill surveys, receive emails, surf the web and earn your online activity with Weagle.
Also discover the incredible opportunity of earning by selling your personal data.

Weagle is the new tool that make daily searches easy.


  On weagle your searches will be fast and reliable, you will save hours thanks to our A.I.

  We give you the control of your data back, you data will be free and your privacy will be safe.

Weagle is an innovative Search Platform that can help the users to improve their search performance, analyzing their requests and by filter them.

Weagle also allow the user to monetize or archive their navigation data, generated from an innovative Data Wallet.